GRICS Business Group

GRICS Business Group

The GRICS Business Group provides leadership, business expertise and guidance to the GRICS Secretariat.  It aims to ensure all service improvement projects developed by GRICS align with its documented strategic goals as well as the cancer/palliative care goals of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Peter Craighead | Chair & Chief Executive | Latrobe Regional Hospital

Don McRae | Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nurse | Latrobe Regional Hospital

Dr Sachin Joshi | Clinical Director | GRICS

Elaine Wood | Manager | GRICS

Frank Evans | Chief Executive Officer | Central Gippsland Health

Mark Johnson | Chief Executive Officer | Gippsland Southern Health Service

Dan Weeks | Chief Executive Officer | West Gippsland Healthcare Group

Robyn Hayles | Chief Executive Officer | Bairnsdale Regional Health Service