GRICS Governance Group

GRICS Governance Group

The GRICS Governance Group is represented by senior managers, clinicians and health sector representatives from across the Gippsland region

Peter Craighead | Chair & Chief Executive | Latrobe Regional Hospital

Don McRae | Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nurse | Latrobe Regional Hospital

Dr Sachin Joshi | Clinical Director | GRICS

Elaine Wood | Manager | GRICS

Frank Evans | Chief Executive Officer | Central Gippsland Health

Mark Johnson | Chief Executive Officer | Gippsland Southern Health Service

Cheryl Bush | Director of Clinical & Nursing Services | Gippsland Lakes Community Health and Gippsland Palliative Care Consortia

Jacqui Hickey | Manager of Acute Health & Aged Care | Department of Health and Human Services Gippsland

Robyn Hayles | Chief Executive Officer | Bairnsdale Regional Health Service

Vicki Hamilton | Consumer Representative & Chair GRICS Consumer Reference Group

Jeannette Douglas | Manager Regional Services | Gippsland PHN