MDM Referrals

MDM Referrals

The CANMAP Management System is used to support Multidisciplinary Care (MDC).  CANMAP is a web-based system designed specifically for the management and administration of multidisciplinary team meetings (MDM).  MDM referrals can be made online or by; MDM Referral: Online

MDC resources are available for download by clicking on the following links:
For further information on MDM Patient Referrals please contact the appropriate health service;

Latrobe Regional Hospital hosted meetings;

Skin, Breast, Upper GI and Colorectal – Nicole Vincent on (03) 5173 8575 or Jackie Dalrymple on (03) 5173 8857

Lymphoma, Myeloma Telehealth and Advanced Disease – Samantha Beattie on (03) 5128 0138

Lung – Michelle Pryce on (03) 5128 0147


Bairnsdale Regional Health Service hosted meeting;

Urology – Sue Smith on (03) 5150 3667