GRICS Clinical Mentoring

GRICS Clinical Mentoring

GRICS has a longstanding commitment supporting health professionals across a range of disciplines work with expert mentors from leading Centres of Excellence such as The Alfred, St Vincents, Royal Womens Hospital and The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The GRICS Mentoring for Cancer Clinicians program (GMCCP) aims to build upon the success of these programs by offering Gippsland Clinicians an opportunity to learn from and observe senior Melbourne-based colleagues working in an area of specialised cancer treatment. Gippsland Clinicians will also be able to observe the operation of highly specialised and tumour-specific MDC meetings relevant to their chosen area of interest.

GRICS expects participants in the GMCCP will gain the the following CPD benefits:

• Access to an intensive Mentoring Program professionally tailored to suit stated learning objectives;
• Develop/enhance professional relationships with senior colleagues from leading Melbourne-based hospitals;
• Observe the latest treatment options and technological advances in cancer treatment in a clinical area of specified interest; and
• Observe the operational practices of metropolitan MDC meetings.

The GMCCP is open to all Clinicians involved in the care and treatment of Gippsland cancer patients. Applicants applying for GMCCP need to demonstrate the following:

• The application is cancer-specific;
• Is relevant to the Gippsland region; and
• Will provide long-term sustainable health benefits to Gippsland cancer patients.

For more information on the GMCCP please contact GRICS on 03 5128 0138 or alternately click on the following link: Contact GRICS