Cancer In Gippsland 2016

Cancer in Victoria 2016

Cancer is a leading burden of disease in Victoria; there are 90 new diagnoses every day.

  • On average 30 Victorians died daily from cancer in Victoria in 2016.
  • 45% of cancers diagnosed are in Victorians over 70 years of age.
  • The five most common cancers in Victoria are breast, prostate, bowel, lung and melanoma, they collectively count for 57% of all new cancers and half of all cancer deaths.
  • Mortality rates for Victorian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were significantly higher in both men and women. The higher mortality rates may be associated with diagnosis occurring at the more advanced stage and may reflect issues around timely access to treatment and insufficient participation in cancer screening services.

Data presented in this report is supplied by Victorian Cancer Registry; this Incidence data is published yearly and may change according to updates.

Gippsland Region Cancer Data Report 2018

Registry Data 2018


Cancer in Victoria: Statistics & Trends 2016

Additional information can be found on the Cancer Council Victoria web site: