Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

Gippsland Cancer Care Centre

The Gippsland Cancer Care Centre (GCCC) based at Latrobe Regional Hospital provides comprehensive cancer care incorporating chemotherapy, radiotherapy, specialist consulting and support services.

It is a publically funded facility providing a comprehensive range of treatment options for Gippsland cancer patients.

The completion of a $22 million expansion in 2014 represents a significant milestone in the delivery of accessible, high quality cancer care in Gippsland. The purposefully designed facility provides access to state-of-the-art treatment technology ensuring patients are able to receive the best possible treatment while remaining close to their home, family and friends.

Services now include:

– an expanded Chemotherapy Day Unit
– an expanded radiotherapy service through Gippsland Radiation Oncology with two
Linear Accelerators and provision for a third if required
– improved access to diagnostic services
– access to multi-disciplinary treatment planning
– specialist nursing staff.

Gippsland Rotary Centenary House
The GCCC employs an experienced, multi-disciplinary team which is committed to a patient-centred model of care. This commitment will ensure the highly skilled and dedicated staff will demonstrate respect, compassion, accountability and innovation in their work ensuring you, your family and friends will always remain in the focus of the work they perform.

The Gippsland Rotary Centenary House is a community owned facility that provides safe, supportive and affordable accommodation to patients/families of the GCCC.
For more information on Centenary House please call (03) 5171 1600 or click on the following link:
Gippsland Rotary Centenary House


Gippsland Radiation Oncology provides radiation oncology services as part of the GCCC located at Latrobe Regional Hospital. Gippsland Radiation Oncology main reception  is contactable by ringing
(03) 5173 8770.
Gippsland Radiation Oncology is a satellite service of the Alfred Hospital located in Melbourne.  For more information on the Gippsland Radiation Oncology centre and its range of patient services please click on the following link:

Gippsland Radiation Oncology

Chemotherapy is available at five Gippsland health services.  For more information on the range of chemotherapy treatments at each health service please click on the following links or alternately contact the Hospital Oncology Unit main reception:Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be administered in a variety of ways including intravenously, in tablet or capsule form, as a cream or as an injection. Most people have chemotherapy on an outpatient basis during day visits to the hospital.  Some people can have chemotherapy at home if they use a portable pump or have been prescribed oral chemotherapy.

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service:    Oncology Unit – (03) 5150 3333
Central Gippsland Health Service:   Oncology Unit – (03) 5143 8600
Gippsland Southern Health Service:   Oncology Unit – (03) 5667 5555
Latrobe Regional Hospital:  Oncology Unit – (03) 5173 8000
West Gippsland Healthcare Group:   Oncology Unit – (03) 5623 0611